If you’re considering changing your faucets for your bath and kitchen remodels and you’ve already visited your local hardware store, perhaps you have observed that they don’t look the same. Nowadays, there are actually 4 basic types of faucets. To know more about these faucets and how they work, keep on reading this blog post: 

Cartridge faucets 

This faucet could feature either 1-2 handles. They are the same with compression faucets, however, you do not need to switch the faucet handle until you get your desired water flow. With this type of faucet, the handle must alternate from “on” to “off” in a single smooth motion.  Not only a single-handed faucet moves up and down, but they can also move from side to side for better water flow control.  

Disc faucets 

The disc faucet is newly designed to not only depend on washers. This type of faucet is way sturdier compared to ball or compression faucet types. The disc faucet’s body is significantly wider and they’re usually cylindrical in shape. The disc faucets’ handle moves side to side and up and down, which is similar to ball faucets. However, their free motion is not as great.  

Its cylindrical base has 2 ceramic discs. The upper disc interchanges with the handles as the lower disc will keep on being locked and positioned. Since both discs are ideally flat, they can develop a watertight seal once they are pushed together.  

Ball faucets 

This emerged as a more on the side of the contemporary look, which turned out to be the first washer-less type of faucet.  A ball faucet has a single handle for both cold and hot water. Typically, this kind of faucet can be seen in kitchen sinks. Moreover, these are becoming more and more in demand in bathroom interiors as well. With this kind of faucet, the water’s flow, pressure, and temperature rate are contingent on where the handle is placed.  

A lever ball assembly, which can be found in the ball faucet, sits on a system of spring and inlets right where the water flows over. The ball is built-in with slots, which align with the cold and hot water that flows over the faucet.  

Compression faucets 

The oldest type of compression faucet is the compression faucet, which property owners are most familiar with since they were widely used in a different household. Any compression faucet’s version will have to turn separate knobs, which you can utilize to regulate how much water will come out of such faucets.  It’s more likely similar to turning screws.  

This type of faucet attaches to stem assemblies. The compression faucet type directly sits over the valve seat of the faucet wherein the water flows. If you close the faucet and turn the handle, the stem assembly is pushed down to the valve seat.  Then, the water flow gets cut off and compressed by the washer.  

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