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The Processes Quality Control are:

Storage Sector

Our internal Quality Control (QC) system is based on checking piece by piece and not by random. Careful checking process starts with choosing the best-quality raw materials, up to the finishing stage of each product Our QC inspector are responsible for checking products at our manufacturing factory and our subcontractor's place before delivering them to our warehouse, where your products will be stored in safe place. The purpose of this stage is to qualify each of the products, and to categorize it before going through to the next stage.

Special Treatment

After completing the initial checking , all products will be categorized according to the product's special qualities. The treatment would be different in technique and method in every product, according to its specification and uniqueness.

Clearing Sector

Is responsible to remove any stain, dust or residue from previous process.

Labeling Sector

Some of our buyers require special individual label or packaging in their products. This sector is responsible to attach label or packing before final packaging into container loads' boxes. Even in this stage, products still have to be checked and re-checked to acquire the highest standard of home decor and handicraft items.

Packing Sector

Our goods will be packed in standard export cartons to suit overseas transportation method depending on size, category and quantity of the items inside the master box will be wrapped into individual packaging according to the item's code, or based on the resemblance in dimension. The packing method is divided into 2 processes, first is to furnish the inner packing (with materials such as Styrofoam, anti-absorbent plastic sheet, corrugated paper, etc), and second, to provide the final wrapping, in a particular size of boxes to eliminate damage during overseas transportation.

Loading Sector

Finally, the boxes are ready to be loaded into containers.